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It’s here!
After experiencing such a positive response in 2017, the much-anticipated British Sports Car Series will launch for 2018 with a 5 round Championship, to be run in conjunction with Festival of Sports Cars

What’s the Plan?
The plan is to run a 5 round series, with the following format:
– One round each at SMSP
– – North (Druitt) circuit
– – South (Amaroo) circuit
– – Main (Gardiner) circuit – yup, FoSC on the Gardiner circuit 🙂
Two rounds at Wakefield Park – two day format.

What do I need to do?
Simply contact register your details using the form to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device).

Is my car eligible?
We are not sticking strictly to a specific restriction of racing class for cars – all cars are most welcome. We are looking to involve as many people as possible and also to provide somewhere for some of those cars that may not be accepted in the pre-defined categories of historic racing, but if you have a car from an existing racing category, you are most welcome as well. The basic requirement is that your car has British Heritage. There will be an emphasis on pre-1990 vehicles, from a championship perspective. You need a minimum of an AASA (https://aasa.com.au/) and/or CAMS (https://www.cams.com.au/ ) logbook for your vehicle. This has always been a FoSC requirement for racing.

What does the Championship involve?
All cars will race together (unless we get huge fields!!!). In the first year, we plan to divide the championship into two categories for a point score: cars under 1500cc and those 1500cc and over. There are likely to be three races per round (possibly more), with your best two results for the round to count. For the final point score, your best four rounds from the series will be counted. We are still fleshing out the details of all this, as much will depend on entries and competitors’ preferences, but that is the basic structure. It is not necessary to do all the rounds, you’ll be welcome at any and every one!

Please register your details with us for the British Sports Car Series, this will help us keep in contact with you. 

2018 Calendar of events
Round 1 – 24-25th March – Wakefield Park (two day event)
Round 2 – 3rd June – Sydney Motorsport Park – GP (Gardiner) circuit
Round 3 – 24th June – Sydney Motorsport Park – South (Amaroo) circuit
Round 4 – 28-29th July – Wakefield Park (two day event)
Round 5 – 8th September – Sydney Motorsport Park – North (Druitt) circuit