(Following is the text of the statement made by David Roberts, FoSC President, at the Drivers Briefing for the Winter Invitation 22nd July 2017)

There have been recent murmurings about the imminent demise of Festival of Sporting Cars.
Yes it’s been a huge task for members of our current Committee few of whom can be classed as spring chickens.
We have tried to our best abilities and now realise the huge effort and enthusiasm previously provided by Charlie. It was his life! ….. 24/7!
I am aware of my own failings and know that in recent times my patience with some of you has worn extremely thin.
I do apologise for that!
Peter Amos has devoted the entire last month to ensuring that this meeting is a success!
We are truly indebted to you Peter…thankyou! What you have achieved is truly brilliant!
Thanks also to my Past President and Master wordsmith Dave Nicholls for his unerringly accurate advice and wise counsel!
We all want FoSC to continue but, as volunteers, have come to the realistic conclusion that it’s beyond our means!
However there is an answer!
I’d like to introduce a gentleman that many of our competitors may already know…Terry Denovan who currently runs MRA or Motor Racing Australia!
Like FoSC, MRA runs AASA sanctioned events!
Terry shares the same vision as both Charlie and the Committee of FoSC in being passionate about promoting “grassroots” Motor Sport… to keep you guys able to compete and enjoy your Sport in a safe and affordable manner.
There will be some changes, with a new look website and entry system!
We feel Terry’s fresh approach and obvious enthusiasm will ensure that the “Deerstsalker” tradition continues well into the future.
Watch the website and your inboxes for information as it comes available!
I want to thank you all for your continuing support!