A not-too-subtle reminder that motor racing is an all-weather sport!

Before anything else, we must thank and congratulate all the trackside teams – especially the flag marshals – who endured the wet, windy weather so that we could enjoy our motor sport. The forecast was for rain, and for once it was spot-on! A wet week leading up the meeting also meant that run-off areas had become slide-off-into-the-wall-or-at-least-get-bogged areas. With such conditions, the fastest average lap speeds stayed under 130kph, but competition was still close, with the rain proving something of equaliser in many cases – unless you were in an open sports car! Despite this, and at least three cross-track rivers, contact between cars was minimal – thank you everyone – but cars and walls did become acquainted a few times.

We’re indebted to the flaggies and fire and rescue teams for their prompt and efficient responses, and the medical team for checking everyone out. And we mustn’t forget the Masters – Mal, Bruce, Ray and Denis – who turn up in all conditions to share their accumulated wisdom and offer priceless advice on everything from suspension set-up to racing lines. We are very fortunate to have such a great group of people in the “FoSC family”


Mark Russell, Keith Cronin and David Felstead were the front-runners in this group. But newcomer David Miller and his Back to the Future-looking Mazda 800 proved very consistent too – maybe
because of his drag-racing background? With dwindling numbers for Event 13 later in the day, the decision was taken to combine the A and B fields for Event 16.
Event 1: 1st Mark Russell (1982 Mazda RX-7); 2nd David Felstead (2001 Porsche GT3); 3rd David Miller (1965 Mazda 800).
Event 7: 1st Keith Cronin (2012 Esquire Clubman); 2nd Mark Russell; 3rd David Miller.
Event 16 (Combined Regularity A & B): 1st Jon Mifsud (1999 Hyundai Excel); 2nd Laurence McKinnon (1990 Toyota Celica GT4); 3rd David Felstead.


A one-make category, 24 cars and reduced visibility made for tricky racing conditions in this point scoring round. Getting out in front and staying out of trouble was essential, and that’s exactly what Matt Stockwell, Adam Bryant and Nik Hough did to achieve their podium hat-trick.
Event 2: 1st Matt Stockwell (1999 Hyundai Excel); 2nd Nik Hough (1999 Hyundai Excel); 3rd Adam Bryant (1999 Hyundai Excel).
Event 8: 1st Matt Stockwell; 2nd Adam Bryant (1999 Hyundai Excel); 3rd Nik Hough.
Event 14: 1st Matt Stockwell; 2nd Nik Hough; 3rd Adam Bryant.


Old and new, tourers and roadsters, it’s a tribute to the drivers that they can compete so harmoniously. Having so many FoSC regulars in the field (thanks guys!) was a great help too in these tricky conditions. And the results showed that the more modern cars didn’t have it all their own way. A very shocked Robert Russell (1973 Porsche Carrera RS) exited the proceedings in dramatic fashion after being made aware of the flames coming from his engine bay; which had led one official to remark, “Doesn’t he know his RS is on fire?” We hope the damage wasn’t too great, Rob.

Event 3: 1st John Wright (1973 Holden Torana); 2nd David Stone (1995 Mazda MX-5); 3rd Christopher Gough (2000 BMW M Coupe).
Event 9: 1st Christopher Gough; 2nd Justin McClintock (2000 Honda Civic); 3rd Warren Wright (1972 Holden Torana).
Event 15: 1st David Stone; 2nd Justin McClintock; 3rd Nick Martinenko (2000 Mazda MX-5).


As with the preceding event, there was a great age-range of cars, from 1959 (Alan Sebesfi’s A-H Sprite) to 2014 (Katharine Arndell’s Commodore). And the place-getters covered a similar range of ages and makes: Jon Mifsud winning two out of the three events, and Laurence McKinnon obviously enjoying the security of all-wheel grip in his Celica.
Event 4: Jon Mifsud (1999 Hyundai Excel); 2nd Kevin Allen (1963 Volvo 122); 3rd Mark De Gioia (1980 Datsun Sunny).
Event 10: 1st Brian Moloney (2011 MNR Vortex); 2nd Jon Mifsud; 3rd Mark DeGioia.
Event 16(Combined Regularity A & B): 1st Jon Mifsud (1999 Hyundai Excel); 2nd Laurence McKinnon (1990 Toyota Celica GT4); 3rd David Felstead.


The new field of British Sports Cars, was light on numbers (surely not due to the weather?), so was supplemented by some Invited vehicles. These ‘foreigners’ were early victors, but in the second and third events, the Old Dart’s honour was saved by the Sebesfi family’s MG Midgets. We look forward to a full field of British Sports Cars for July.

Event 5: 1st Brett Lansley (2011 MNR Vortex); 2nd Ron Goodman (1954 Porsche 356); 3rd John Lenne (1968 Alfa Romeo GTV).
Event 11: 1st Brett Lansley; 2nd Andrew Sebesfi (1967 MG Midget); 3rd Ron Goodman.
Event 17: 1st Brett Lansley; 2nd Nick Sebesfi (1971 MG Midget); 3rd Andrew Sebesfi.


While many other drivers must have envied the HTCA group’s roofs and windows, the cars were quite a handful in the slippery conditions – as Michael Rose (1964 Mustang) found to his chagrin. But
that didn’t stop Andrew Taite, John Burke and John Harrison from having a crowd-pleasing joust; while the Minis had their own three-abreast tussles on the main straight.
Event 6: 1st Andrew Taite (1967 Chev Camaro); 2nd John Burke (1972 Valiant Charger); 3rd Alex D’Onofrio (1964 Morris Mini Cooper).
Event 12: 1st Andrew Taite; 2nd John Burke; 3rd John Harrison (1972 Torana XU-1).
Event 18: 1st Andrew Taite; 2nd John Burke; 3rd John Harrison.