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FoSC Winter Invitation Meeting

Saturday 22nd July - Druitt Circuit - SMSP

In memory of Mark Broadhead. Photo courtesy of Daniel Walters

Well, the weather was more like it should have been for the March Summer Invitation, and the competitors "responded in kind" with great racing and regularity events.

If you are interested in regularity events - and judging by the number of entrants in Reg A and Reg B on Saturday 22nd - many people are; check the result in the last Regularity B event on the day - well done Scott.

Natsoft Results

FoSC Summer Invitation Meeting

Saturday 18th March 2017 - "Druitt" (North) Circuit
Sydney Motor Sport Park

A not-too-subtle reminder that motor racing is an all-weather sport! Photo: Dave Nichols

Before anything else, we must thank and congratulate all the trackside teams – especially the flag marshals – who endured the wet, windy weather so that we could enjoy our motor sport. The forecast was for rain, and for once it was spot-on! A wet week leading up the meeting also meant that run-off areas had become slide-off-into-the-wall-or-at-least-get-bogged areas.

With such conditions, the fastest average lap speeds stayed under 130kph, but competition was still close, with the rain proving something of equaliser in many cases – unless you were in an open sports car!

Commentators Rick Marks and John Murn kept us informed - from the driest seats in the house!

The day featured Championship rounds for the Excels and PAYCE HTCA series, as well as events for Historic & Invited Sports & Touring Cars, British & Invited Sports Cars and two fields of Regularity. For a full summary of results, as well as all the latest news, please check out the new Issue 31 of Track Times .



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FoSC Dates for 2017

Saturday 22nd July - Druitt Circuit - SMSP
Sunday 1st October - Amaroo Circuit - SMSP
Any group wishing to arrange a "special field" at any of these events should contact David Roberts at dave.r@fosc.com.au , or a member of the FoSC committee as soon as possible

Wrap-up and photos by Dave Nichols

Our fourth, and final, meeting of 2016 took place on SMSP’s Amaroo Circuit. Coming only a week before the annual Muscle Car Masters event, it was never going to attract our friends from Group S or the HTCA, but was very well subscribed – albeit with dozens of the 120 entries coming at the last minute.

Fields featured long-time supporters like the Excels and Regularity, as well as a new group of Miniature Cars and a combo of Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars – their numbers swelled by a contingent of MX-5 Cup drivers.

We were also heartened by the entries from Come and Try drivers, keen to get into our kind of motor sport. Big thanks to Lisa Tobin-Smith, the Masters and their team – Mal Brewster, Mike Dyer, Ray Gulson, Bruce Stewart, Denis Tobin, Geoff Pike and Rob Jardine – for passing on their wisdom.

Even the weather was kind: windy and chilly when your insomniac correspondent arrived at 5.45am, but at least the wind blew the clouds away and it was T-shirt temperatures in the afternoon.

The large number of entries meant a busy time for Ian Frost and the Scrutineering team – especially with no access to the track the previous afternoon – but by kicking off at 6.30am sharp, they got through it.

With quite a few newcomers entered, Mal Brewster’s customary Track Walk attracted a huge crowd and, as you can see here, our always popular Partners Parade at lunchtime was one of the biggest ever – even the cars had partners it seems!



Historic Touring Car Association ( NSW) Tribute to Charles Jardine

At the FoSC Winter Invitation, the HTCA(NSW) drivers formed up four abreast with lights on for a "Tribute to Charles" drive-by down the main staright, on the first of two warm up laps immediately preceeding the first evnt on the day. This drive-by tribute can be viewed on You Tube at HTCA Tribute to Charles Drive-by  

Thank you HTCA (NSW)

FoSC Winter Invitation – Hats off to Charles

Saturday 20 th August, Druitt Circuit, SMP.

Congratulations to everyone for making our Winter Invitation not only another successful FoSC race meeting,
but also a special day for Charles’ family and friends.

Charles’ illness and sudden passing in July meant that everyone had to pitch in and work extra hard to pull this meeting together in just a few weeks. As a result, we had some teething problems with the new systems, which we had to use. But thanks to many late nights, and everyone going above and beyond the call of duty, we got there, aided and abetted by the scores of FoSC regulars – drivers, officials and supporters – that Charles had attracted over the years.

Race categories included the Payce HTCA Championship, the NSW Excel Series and a field of Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars. While Regularity ran to two well-subscribed fields, with the usual interesting mix of vehicles.

The Historic Touring Cars Association’s tribute to the man in the deerstalker hat . Photo: Dave Nichols

Special features of the day were two tributes to Charles: the first from the HTCA drivers with a four-abreast lights-on drive-past preceding their first race of the day; then, at lunchtime, the flaggies, Firechase, recovery teams and other officials paid their respects on the Starting Grid. Katherine and the family were deeply touched and we pass on their thanks to all concerned.

The Historic Touring Cars Association came to the fore again at Happy Hour, wheeling out their mobile barbeque-cum-bar so that everyone could get together, thank the volunteers and celebrate this special day.

Another issue of Track Times is being constructed in the FoSC workshop as we speak and will go online shortly. Meanwhile, drive safely and we look forward to seeing everyone again, as we continue the legacy, on Sunday October 23 rd for the next FoSC meeting, on the SMSP South Circuit.

FoSC Autumn Invitation "Wrap"
Saturday & Sunday 16th - 17th April Wakefield Park Circuit


Late entries – including some on the weekend itself – brought the numbers up over 100. The forecast thunderstorm never eventuated – although we have did a small grass-fire Saturday morning, which was quickly dealt with by our experienced team. Long-time supporters, and expert drivers, HTCA NSW provided exciting Australian touring car competition – complete with a classic Mini-Mustang duel.

Brad Tilley (’66 Mustang) and Peter O’Brien (’71 Falcon) line up on the front row for their HTCA Championship race. Photo: Dave Nichols.

Now an established FoSC field, the Excels featured their usual close (sometimes a bit too close) racing. In Regularity, we saw an eclectic mix of vehicles, with representatives from over 70 years of motoring activity, making up two fields – including some welcome newcomers – and, according to Safety Car driver Ian Mudge, performing some textbook starts. Group S had dedicated point-scoring races, although numbers were down – post-Phillip Island? – but they were supplemented on Sunday by entries from Denis Best and Bret MacManus (thanks guys). In Historic & Invited Sports & Touring Cars, David Stone (’94 MX-5 ) – another long-time FoSC supporter – was front-runner; and it was interesting so see him taken on by Damien Meyer (’63 MG Midget) when we ran a combined event late on Sunday. (Damien also set a new lap record for his class, at 1.0495.) Special thanks to Clerk of Course, Kathy Gibson, for handling everything so professionally – the best ‘Get Well’ message Charles could wish for! Stand by for the full story in the next issue of Track Times.

Dave Nichols, President.


FoSC Summer Invitation at Sydney Motorsport Park, 21st February


Last Sunday saw our first meeting of the year. The entry list of over 170 featured grids of Formula Race Cars, Payce Historic Touring Cars, Pulsars, Historic and Invited Sports and Touring Cars, and two grids of Regularity.

Scrutineering opened at 6.00am to cope with the numbers and Practice kicked off at 9.00am, followed by three competition events for each category. Sadly, the final (Regularity) event of the day was cancelled after the previous race was red-flagged and we ran out of track time due to a lengthy vehicle recovery.

Big thanks go to all our officials, flaggies, volunteers, emergency crews and recovery teams, as well the ARDC.

As just one of our entrants told us, “… thank you for organising yet another great day of motor sport, the event was organised well and ran smoothly from my point of view, despite just a huge number of cars.”More details will be available in the next issue of Track Times and our photo gallery will be updated as we receive shots from the attending photographers. Meanwhile you can check all the practice and competition results at Natsoft.

Photos and articles from past FoSC Home Pages can be found by following this link to the Archive Page